Artist’s Bio

Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.
– Pablo Picasso

Anya Pany’s love affair with creating bold, courageous art started as a child in Ukraine. She pursued training in the visual arts, but there was always a special place in her heart for illustration. There was something about the magic of taking pen and pencil to an empty sheet of paper that has stayed with Anya Pany throughout her life.

In 1999, Anya Pany moved to the United States to attend college. That dramatic shift in culture found its way into her artwork, and the duality of combining the two worlds shaped her artistic vision. One can recognize a mixture of East European folklore motifs and contemporary minimalistic patterns in Anya’s work. As she’s matured as an artist, the use of primary colors, geometric shapes and whimsical subjects have become a staple of her work.